Current Beauty Favourites

beauty products

Up until recently my dressing table was in a sorry state, nothing was organised and I never quite knew where on earth my coral lipstick had gotten to. Thankfully I have now sorted it out and everything has its place, which not only cuts down my getting ready time, but it has also made me more aware of the great products I use on a daily basis:

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo

I was bought this as a birthday present not so long ago and I only started using it once my trusty Batiste had run out, feeling pretty certain that it couldn’t compare to my usual dry shampoo squeeze. How wrong could I be? It smells amazingly fresh due to the grapefruit and lime extracts and it cleansed my hair whilst still giving it volume. The only issue is that it can go everywhere if you aren’t careful when applying it, but because it isn’t in a pressurised container – you just puff it onto your hands or hair – it lasts must longer. Plus, unlike spray dry shampoos, you really feel like your excess hair grease is being absorbed and not just covered up.

Mac Stripdown Lipliner 

This lipliner was one of the many treasures I found on my clear out – I thought I had lost it ages ago – and I have a new found appreciation for it that I never had previously. Before I used to use it as an actual lipliner to accompany one of my mac nudes, but this time around I am using it in a somewhat different way. I apply a clear lip balm first – not very much though – and then I put on the lipliner, covering all of my lips. I then dab off the excess to reveal perfect nude lips, which, have more staying power than most of my normal lipsticks. Result!

Pure Prai Wrinkle Concentrate 

Wrinkle Concentrate? But aren’t you only in your twenties? I hear you say. Well yes I am, but my mother has always given me the advice that it is never too early to start caring about your skin. She gave me this Prai Concentrate shortly after I turned 21 and it has truly been a miracle product. If my skin is feelig a bit tired and dry I apply it liberally to my face and neck before bedtime and it sorts me right out. It may seem like quite a small bottle but it lasts a decent amount of time, I am certainly considering getting myself some more once this one runs out.

Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturiser* 

Still following on from my mother’s advice, I always try and moisturise everyday and at the moment this Body Shop Vitamin E cream is doing the trick. It has quite a light consistency that absorbs quickly which is always good for a day cream, especially if you want to apply your makeup base straight away. Overall, a superb daily essential and it seems I am not alone in thinking so as it is a Body Shop bestseller!

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourite beauty buys at the moment? 


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