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For those of you who don’t personally know me I am going to let you in on a little fact, I am a bit of a control freak. I don’t mean in the Monk OCD kind of way but I am controlling enough that lists have become an essential part of my life. I make lists for everything, shopping lists, wish lists, to-do lists (short, medium and long term of course..) and I have probably even written a list of what lists to make at some point. This little fact goes some way to explain the new section in my main menu ‘TMG reads’. I wanted to start compiling all the blogs and websites that I read on a regular basis, firstly to be more organised but also so that I can share them with you, my lovely readers. My ‘reads’ are divided into categories to make for easy browsing and, although it looks a little sparse at the moment, I will constantly be adding more sites to the list so keep checking back for changes. So, what about this post? Well I wanted to start sharing (and vaguely organising) all the things online that might not make it on to the main list, such as articles, photos, Instagram accounts, twitter convos etc, because otherwise they would fade into obscurity (and it would drive me nuts not being able to remember where I had seen that amazing mug/chair/hairstyle). With that little introduction out of the way, here are my internet finds .01:

1) @theblogissue 

This is the instagram account of The Blog Issue, a new magazine coming out this autumn. Normally I am not a huge fan of promotional instagrams but @theblogissue is a great way to discover new bloggers because they regram like mad. So this is now my go to place for when blog inspiration is running dry.

2) DesignLoveFest Downloads 

You might have already come across DesignLoveFest, the brain child of creative genius Bri Emery, and fawned over the sites beautiful photographs, words and DIY tutorials. But what you may not have known – I certainly only found this out recently – is that there is a little downloads section where you find lovely wallpapers for your computer and phone and all for free! Go on, give your tech a little facelift.


Anyone who watches Suits will understand why I nearly cried when I discovered I could own one of these.

4) Truffle Shuffle 

I discovered the beauty of Truffle Shuffle when I was searching for a birthday present for a friend who is a serious Ferris Bueller fan, FYI the Save Ferris t-shirt went down very well… and I couldn’t help but to look at all the other movie t-shirts they had. I am now holding out for a day when it is socially and sartorially acceptable to wear a ‘On Wednesdays We Wear Pink‘ top.

Should you be on my TMG Reads? Got any internet finds? Send me your links! 

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