Styled Up Playsuit


With British summers being the way they are, I never know what to wear first thing in the morning. Do I put on jeans and risk being boiling by lunchtime or do I wear a little dress and be caught under some overcast clouds later on in the day? Well for me neither of those options are quite good enough, so recently I have been reaching for a playsuit and then layering it up with cardigans, scarfs and shirts. Today I wore my wardrobe staple black playsuit from H&M with a plain white shirt, sandals and a (faux) Hermes pashmina that my mum gave me last week.



And did I have to strip off the extra layers? Yes I did. Although I may have stripped off too many as I managed to somehow get sunburnt whilst laying out studying. But thankfully I took my sandals off or that would have been some interesting tan lines to deal with! But back to the clothes… here are some other items I would love to pair with this playsuit:

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 09.47.07

1. Khaki Shirt – Topshop  2. Kimono – Monki 3. Mules – NLY Shoes

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