French Beauty Buys

IMG_3498As the saying goes, when in Rome do as the Romans do. Well when in France do as the French do and buy amazing skincare. It might seem odd to many to chose skincare as a souvenir but I knew I wasn’t leaving until I had got my hands on some French pharmacy goodies. So, what did I pick up? Well I only had a 10kg luggage allowance (I like to travel light) and a 100ml limit going through airport security so I had to be rather selective in my purchases, but I found two wonderful products that fit the bill.

IMG_3500Nectar of Nature Oil

First, I bought yet another body oil to add to my growing collection. If you don’t already know this about me, I love body oils. Ever since my mum recommended I use some on my face instead of cream moisturisers last year I have been absolutely hooked. This particular one is an organic formula made with fruit and seed oils with Safflower being the main ingredient. It is by Nectar of Nature and apparently has a ‘garden fragrance’ but I think that’s a bit of an odd description, it is certainly floral but images of mown grass do not spring to mind. I use it straight out of the shower onto wet skin and it absorbs really quickly leaving me with soft skin for hours. You can also use it on dry skin too but I much prefer the straight out of the shower results. One more thing to mention is the handy spray pump which makes application really simple and not messy in the slightest.

IMG_3499Bioderma Créaline

Having heard so much hype about this product I couldn’t not pick a tiny bottle of Bioderma just to see what all the fuss is about, and I can safely say that I now understand! It is heralded as a strong makeup remover that doesn’t cause the skin irritation that you might expect from such an effective product. I don’t really suffer from any skin issues but if I can avoid using harsh products I will, especially if I use them anywhere near my eyes. I mainly use Bioderma to remove stubborn eye makeup which is mostly gel eyeliner and my Benefit They’re Real Mascara. As the solution has a oil and water based formula it breakdown such products really easily without making your eyes water, result! I think next time I might have to pick up a slightly larger bottle though…


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