All Marble Everything

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.33.48

1. Marble Pattern Phone Case – Julia Kostreva 2.  Mini Plate – H&M   3. Laptop Skin – Society6 (Image via designlykke)

If you hadn’t already noticed from the countless candles, breakfast and beauty products being photographed with it in the background, marble is the texture of the season. I have been obsessing over it ever since returning from Rome which, as you can imagine, is the capital city of the chic metamorphic rock. So, I have been hunting the web for the best in marble offerings and sadly I couldn’t find all that many, but the ones I did find are killer.  First up is an iPhone case by Julia Kostreva, a San Francisco based designer who also has some beautiful notebooks, art and jewellery on here online shop. Then I discovered a super cheap mini-plate from H&M which I’m sure would also make a nice dressing table tray. Lastly, I stumbled across the DIY genius that is designlykke, who had used plastic marble to create a cover for her macbook. But if that sounds like too much hassle then you can head over to Society6 where you can have one made for you.

Do you know of any marble internet beauties? 


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