Crabtree and Evelyn Iris Hand Therapy



Iris Hand Therapy*

IMG_1874 Pear and Pink Magnolia and Lavender Perfume*

Every time I walk past Crabtree and Evelyn I always think to myself how lovely it looks – and smells! – but I have rather shamefully never put my money where my mouth is, but this is all about to change. As part of being our hosts for Oxmeet, the lovely people at Crabtree and Evelyn’s Oxford store gave us some summery samples to go away and try. I wanted to give a honest review so I have been using the products regularly to see what they are really like and I am pleased to say I was completely won over. The Iris Hand Therapy is a lovely consistency, not too creamy or sticky, and left my hands feeling smooth and smelling delicious. I carry it in my handbag at all times now as people (including my male friends) are constantly borrowing it. The perfume samples were equally as lovely, fresh and classically floral, perfect for summertime.


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