Weekly Wishlist .04

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 19.26.37

iPad Mini – Diana Camera 

This week I have been mainly thinking about two things: this blog and my upcoming travels. As you can see the former has had a bit of a redesign and I hope that this is the start of a new direction for That Montgomery Girl. I want it to be more like myself interested in fashion, beauty and lifestyle but will also hold her own in a chat about Michael Gove, Syria or big business mergers. For this change however, I will need some new tools which is where the iPad mini comes in because I need to be able to blog on the go. The second thing on my mind has been my trip to Rome and the South of France at the end of this month (can I get a hell yeah?!) which is hopefully going to satisfy my serious case of itchy feet that I’ve got going at the moment… okay for the last year or so. For my trip I am in want of a film camera, maybe a disposable one depending on funds. Finally, in a completely unrelated chain of thought I need some peonies to put around the house. Just because.

p.s. I know that I haven’t actually been doing these posts weekly but let’s just ignore that for now. It will be a regular series very soon!


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