Weekly Wishlist .03

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 12.08.46

1. Lana White Skinny Jeans – River Island  2. Nespresso Machine – John Lewis 3. Tan Block Heels – Office

This week, my wishlist mainly focuses around two things, the sunshine and my increasing workload. The need for white jeans is obviously due to the warmer weather, and a step nearer to baring my legs for all to see hopefully when they aren’t quite as pale as those jeans are! I want the Lana ones in particular as they are a great fit for my shape, but in the shortest leg length of course. To go with these I am dying for some cut out tan shoes and these ones from Office are a dream. The block heel is great as it means they should be comfortable enough for everyday wear and the ankle strap provides extra style and support. But, the biggest wish for this week is for a Nespresso machine. Since discovering the delights of Nespresso on my internship I have been in serious need of my own machine. Nothing perks you up quite like a good coffee, especially when it is as simple and as stylish as this.


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