March BirchBox

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March BirchBox*

For those of you who don’t know, BirchBox is a beauty subscription service that sends you a lovely little box of samples each month, so that you can try out a variety of new products for a fraction of the price. For March, BirchBox teamed up with Lulu Guinness so in the box there was also a very tasty piece of rock, in Lulu Guinness colours of course! But what about the products…

Benefit Stay Don’t Stray:

I was very pleased to see that a Benefit product had found its way in the box as it is a brand that I really love. I swear by their mascara and foundation and their packaging is always fresh, quirky and on point. Their Stay Don’t Stray was no exception, even in the sample size it carried Benefit’s signature cuteness and it isn’t just a pretty face. The product is designed to be applied to the eyelids and under-eye to keep concealer and eyeshadow in place (a primer essentially). It is a beige toned cream that does what it says it should do, my eyeshadow didn’t budge an inch, but due to its colour it also acted as a concealer in its own right. It comes in two shades – light/medium and medium/dark – and so you can chose which one is right for you. Overall, a fabulous product delivering nothing less than Benefit’s usual standards.

Urban Veda Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish:

Using only natural ingredients this Urban Veda product was certainly a surprise hit with me. When it comes to exfoliants, I normally go for ones with coarse exfoliant content rather than a special mix of extracts/ingredients which Urban Veda’s product certainly has. It is described as containing ‘Ayurvedic Turmeric with a botanical infusion of Marigold, Papaya and Coriander’ and from this I was expecting a rather savoury smell but I was completely wrong. It has a delightfully fruity fragrance with hints of coriander and you can’t smell the turmeric at all, and what about the results? Well it left my skin thoroughly cleansed and smooth and it is light enough that it can be used everyday.

Korres Citrus Little Body Milk:

I have been wanting to try out some Korres products for a while and so this was nice to see in March’s BirchBox. First things first, the packaging. It is minimal, modern and chic with some gorgeous typography and the fact that half of it is in Greek (they are a Greek company after all) makes it looks even chicer. The product itself is has less of a citrus fragrance than I was expecting and smells more like shea butter, which coincidently is one of the ingredients. It is definitely a milk and not a lotion, the consistency is very runny but despite this it absorbs quite quickly. The only comment I would make is that due to the runny nature of the product, it should a narrower pourer so to avoid spilling or putting too much on your skin, although on the larger version I think this is the case. However, it is still a lovely product and I hope to try out more Korres very soon.

English Laundry Signature Perfume:

When it comes to perfume I am rather particular, usually only going for deep musky tones and definitely nothing too sweet and floral. So, I was fully expecting not to be the biggest fan of this fragrance which is described by BirchBox as ‘the very essence of an english country garden’. However, what saves this perfume, in my view, is its ‘woody spicy and musky notes’ that stop it from being overly sweet and sickly. This is a great fragrance to transition you into spring and away from the more sultry perfumes you might have been wearing in the winter.

Dr Brandt Pores No More:

This was one of my favourite products in the box, simply because of the way it made my skin feel. You only need a very small amount and it glides on, over or under makeup, making your skin silky with a matte texture. The only issue I have with this is that the effects do not seem to last very long in comparison to other similar products I have used in the past and for the price tag (£39), you really want it to last a bit longer than it does. However, the sample tube was a handy size meaning I could reapply during the day to get its full effects. Overall, a great little luxury but not necessarily a daily staple.

All products can be purchased through the BirchBox website.



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