Glasses: Hipster Posin’

IMG_3365Right now I am having what feels like an existential crisis. Everything I once believed about the world is wrong. I want to wear glasses and I don’t even need them. I used to be of the opinion that whoever wore those hipster clear lens glasses for reasons of pure fashion were pretentious but now… I’m not so sure. I mean look how smart and sassy I look in those Warby Parkers, how can something that looks so right be so wrong? In order to clear my head about this issue I have devised a list of pros and cons which goes as follows:


  • I would look pretty awesome.
  • I could take my glasses off and clean them with one of those lens cloth things when I’m deep in thought.
  • If I did eventually need glasses I would already have a nice pair, could just change the lens.
  • I’d fit right in with all the other hipstery people at the library/bookshop/coffee shop.


  • When people go “I didn’t know you needed glasses” and I’d have to awkwardly tell them I still don’t, I’m just posin’
  • I might kid myself that I’ll somehow be more intelligent with them on and will be sorely disappointed.
  • Unneeded glasses money could be spent on shoes.

In conclusion, let’s be honest glasses are seriously posy BUT should I care? Somethings are just far too nice to pass up – Warby Parker’s I’m coming to get you.


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