Photography: Re-inspired


Yesterday, after a long few weeks, my exams finally came to an end. I won’t have to worry about the results until January, so I have a while to just relax and enjoy some much need family time over Christmas. My version of relaxing however, is pretty far removed from sleeping all day and grazing on tins of holiday chocolates. Instead, I relish having the time to do all the things exams got in the way of: going to the gym, reading books and seeing my old friends.

One thing that was quite high up on my list of things to do post-exams was more photography. I only bought my DSLR relatively recently and I still haven’t had a chance to take it for a full spin around the block, as it were. So, I have revived my flickr account awaiting (hopefully) numerous more uploads of exciting projects.

The photos above are from earlier on this year, and some of my first attempts with a DSLR. The beautiful model is my friend Anna, and the styling was mainly based around that lipstick. (It is amazing right?!). If you want to have a look at the full set of photos you can check them out on my flickr account.


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