Artist Spotlight: Friedrich Kunath

I thought I would share with you one of my recent art discoveries; Friedrich Kunath. I saw an installation piece of his at Modern Art Oxford a few weeks ago that was moving and entertaining in equal measure. Sadly the exhibit has finished at that particular gallery and I am still on the look out to see where he is showing next, but until then feast your eyes on some of his work. Obviously as an installation artist, photographs do little justice but they do hint at the balance of colour and melancholy that pervades and provides the core inspiration for Kunath’s work.

{not my photographs – wasn’t allowed my camera in Modern Art Oxford!}

I actually wrote a piece about my visit to the gallery for a University assignment, not an academic article but a piece of cultural critique which (not to blow my own trumpet) I am quite proud of. I cannot share it yet, as it must be an unpublished piece and I haven’t fully submitted it. Once it has been through the marking process however, I hope to be able to post it up here. But until then, I hope you enjoy the little taster of Friedrich Kunath, for more info on him please take a look here.


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